1. Wshapira says

    As a member of the publications staff of Socialist Party USA http://www.socialistparty-usa.org, a party of democratic socialism, I invite Ms. Smith to:
    1. Have her publisher send me a review copy of her book ECONed:How Unenlightened Self Interest Undermined Democracy and Corrupted Capitalism which I read about in the June “Progressive” for our print and online publications. Thank you.
    W.B. Shapira Apt. 209 RosePointe
    2545 Hamline Av. N.
    Roseville MN 55113

    2. Be interviewed for our print and online publications by our national publications editor, Billy Wharton, (212) 982-4586 or [email protected]. This could be done in person in NYC, by phone or by email.
    Naturally, we are interested in Ms. Smith’s assessments of capitalism’s effects on the world and national economies, on foreign affairs, on the oil spill and whatever else she chooses to comment on. We also would be interested in her assessment of democratic socialism as an alternative to capitalism and how this can be made attractive to an American public that has read and heard very little positive information about any form of socialism for decades. If she is willing to do the interview, a mug shot should be emailed to Mr. Wharton.

    Thank you, best wishes, Will Shapira

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