The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-03-27

Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis
  • From A Greek Debt Crisis To A Eurozone Structural One?
  • Europe puts the loaded gun on the table but no bailout
  • Figaro: France will accept the IMF for Greek bailout
  • Germany: First the penalties, then the European Monetary Fund
  • Why Not Unravel The IMF Too While We’re At It?
  • The Eurozone is unworkable in its present state
  • Anticipating Eurozone collapse
    Most Read
  • Chanos: Where are the perp walks?
  • A New World Order
  • Currency battle begins
  • A quick video primer on Repo 105
  • Lehman chief warns of more big bank failures
  • Anticipating Eurozone collapse
  • Rosenberg: Home prices may drop as much as 20%
  • Where will all the new jobs come from?
  • Roach: I think we should take the baseball bat out on Paul Krugman
  • This is the problem with China’s currency peg
  • Gross: American-style capitalism has reached a dead end but buy T-bills anyway 
  • Ten ways to spot a bubble in China
    Week’s Most Popular Older Posts
  • The politicization of economic problems
  • “I want to be a corrupt official when I grow up”
  • Strategic default: In come the waves again
  • Roach: I think we should take the baseball bat out on Paul Krugman
  • Jim Rogers: expect a double dip by 2012
  • Links: 2010-03-26 – jobs, recessions and mortgages
  • Links: 2010-03-25 – Devaluing the Yuan and following Google out of China
  • Links: 2010-03-24 – The usual suspects of Greece, China and Portugal
  • Links: 2010-03-23 – Angela Merkel in the spotlight and more on China
  • Links: 2010-03-22 – Hugh Hendry, Simon Johnson and Alan Greenspan
  • Links: 2010-03-21 – Eurozone collapse, China labor shortage
  • Links: 2010-03-20 – Bank Failure edition (plus repo man for the rich)
    Economic Data
  • Will we see non-farm payroll go up for this month?

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