Links: 2010-03-27 – Views on the Iron Chancellor and FDIC Friday Failures

Bank failure watch

  • FDIC Pares Aid for Bank Buyers –
  • New York Community Bank, Westbury, New York, Assumes All of the Deposits of Desert Hills Bank, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Bank of the Ozarks, Little Rock, Arkansas, Assumes All of the Deposits of Unity National Bank, Cartersville, Georgia
  • Centennial Bank, Conway, Arkansas, Assumes All of the Deposits of Key West Bank, Key West, Florida
  • CharterBank, West Point, Georgia, Assumes All of the Deposits of McIntosh Commercial Bank, Carrollton, Georgia

    Varying views on Angela Merkel

  • The Greece Agreement: ‘Kohl Would Have Done the Same Thing’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
  • The Greek Bailout Plan: Merkel’s Risky Hand of Brussels Poker – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
  • The World from Berlin: Merkel’s Greece Deal ‘Betrays the Concept of Europe’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

    Other News

  • What If Women Ran Wall Street? — New York Magazine
  • O.C. housing beyond bottom, homebuilders say – Lansner on Real Estate : The Orange County Register
  • What About Private Equity? : CJR
  • ECB Trichet: ECB To Accept BBB- Collateral Beyond End 2010 |
  • FT Alphaville – Stacy-Marie Ishmael – It’s official: Ambac’s CDS triggered
  • Bank of America, Wells Fargo might not pay federal taxes for 2009 | McClatchy
  • Reforming a broken mortgage system – George Soros –
  • Regulators, Mount Up | The New Republic
  • La décision de Pékin sur le yuan dépendra de l’emploi
  • National Journal Online — Economy Experts — Maestro Looks Back
  • – Philip Stephens – Merkel’s myopia reopens Europe’s German question
  • Those Pesky Second Liens, and an update on HAMP « Rortybomb
  • Bruce Krasting: What Healthcare Success?
  • Sen. Kaufman: We Are Going After Lehman Brothers Over Accounting Shenanigans(VIDEO)
  • Albert Edwards Vindicated: Discusses China’s Upcoming Trade Deficit, And Why CNY DEVALUATION Is Now Increasingly Likely | zero hedge
  • Economist’s View: "Recovery Depends on Main Street"
  • Maroder Finanzkonzern: Hypo Real gibt Zahlen bekannt – Chef schon weg – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – WELT ONLINE
  • Economy shrinks to same levels as 2003 after record slump – Irish, Business –
  • Top Fed Official Says Megabanks Need To Shrink Or Crises Will Keep Occurring
  • China: A Tale of Three Swan Songs | zero hedge

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