Snowed in in Snowmaggedon: time lapse version

I have shovelled snow for three days straight now. We got over 20 inches (50 cm) on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday morning, I went out for a brief drive to the grocery store. I was astounded how badly the major roads were plowed. There were almost NO patches were one could see actual pavement.

Now, another storm with up to 20 inches(50 cm) of snow is coming. DC is just not equipped to deal with this kind of thing. This city will be paralyzed for some time to come.

So, below is a very cool time lapse video of how Snowmageddon happened to one lonely teddy bear somewhere here in the DC-Baltimore area.


  1. Matt Stiles says

    You wanna send some of that stuff over our way? I’m in short sleeves and we’re supposed to be hosting the winter games in 3 days.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Stiles, here is a story on your plight. We will gladly send some your way! Snow Shortage Has Olympic Organizers Saying ‘It Could Be Worse’ –

  2. LavrentiBeria says

    This isn’t just snow, Ed, its God punishing you for your sin. Had you actually imagined that you could succeed in concealing your transgressions from Him? Why you arrogant little worm, God sees everything. Never once asked Him if we could have that Q3 second dip you’ve prophesied, did you? Well, now tell me that you enjoy popping off like that. :-)

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Good one. I’m waiting to hear Pat Robertson condemn us for our pact with the devil. Snowdiculous.

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