Blodget: Obama suffers because “taxpayer always finishes last”

The latest WSJ/NBC News poll shows that President Obama’s approval rating has now slipped under 50%. This makes his the steepest first year decline in modern history.

Why?  You know what I would say:

See what Aaron Task and Henry Blodget have to say in the video below and then click the link to see the associated article.

Obama’s Poll Numbers Whacked by Bank Bailouts and Big Govt. Spending – Tech Ticker

And Forget about Goldman!! Remember these posts – all of them in the last month – a full 15 months after Lehman failed for god’s sake!

I’m sorry. It’s not about Goldman or Citi. It’s about government.

  1. demandside says

    It’s about fixing Citi, Goldman and government. If it doesn’t get fixed, it’s going to break again.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      we agree there, but the onus is on government to step up to the plate and act.

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