Max Keiser on dollar: Buffett’s toilet paper opium for China

Max Keiser certainly has a way with words. In one of his latest TV appearances, using the colorful analogy of “Warren Buffett’s toilet paper,” he calls the U.S. dollar worthless.

He goes on to say that China is addicted to this worthless paper because they are using it to stimulate their domestic economy. In another memorable analogy, he labels this an “opium” addiction which will cost the Chinese dearly.

While the Chinese (and the Indians) are increasingly turning to gold as a currency alternative, it is fairly clear that China will have to eventually take an enormous haircut on its holdings of U.S. paper assets. One reason the Chinese are refusing to revalue the renminbi is their desire to forestall this eventuality – and with good reason. Last year, the Chinese central bank needed to go cap in hand to the Finance Ministry because the central banks U.S. dollar paper assets had so depleted the central bank of capital.

Keiser has a lot more to say. Very entertaining. Below is the video. It runs just under 5 minutes.

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