Sotomayor looks unassailable right now

I listened to the first day of the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings for a spot as a US Supreme Court justice. I was very impressed.  The three who impressed me the most were Al Franken (D-MN), Arlen Specter (D-PA), and Sotomayor herself.

Franken was very well-spoken, even inspirational in his commentary after his introductory remarks.  Specter showed himself to be the hard-nosed pit bull of a legislator that we have come to love/hate.  The man is clearly knowledgeable about the issues and jurisprudence in a way that would leave you satisfied with the abilities of our legislators.

Sotomayor, as she described herself, is the epitome of what we should be looking for: someone who decides cases based on the law and nothing more.  If the GOP wants to get Sotomayor on so-called judicial activism, they have a very difficult struggle in front of them.

Below is some Bloomberg Television commentary about the hearings.  If and when I get other footage, I will post it.

Update 1935ET: Here is the transcript of her opening statement via Swampland’s Jay Newton-Small.

  1. Anonymous says

    Oh God, you sound like such a silly Liberal. You just lost all credibility with about 90% of the traders in the world. Franken(stein) is a truly vile human being. The only thing positive you can say about that inept racist affirmative action candidate Sodameyer is that she isn’t any more liberal than that RINO freak Souter.

    We have the government we deserve.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      I’m not particularly concerned with my credibility with traders. And I doubt your statement to begin with. By the way, I do think Obama is smart in selecting Sotomayor because she looks as much a lock as did Alito and Roberts. All three of these last selections were unassailable except on political grounds like yours. My opinion, of course.

  2. Anonymous says

    By “trader”, I meant someone who actually makes decisions, as opposed to an anlayst who can’t pull the trigger. I guesd decision makers aren’t that important to a site if your only interets is academeic knowledge.

    Tell me, what do you find impressive about Franken’s desire to “shoot people in the head” who disagree with him do you find that refined? What is unassailable about a Supreme Court nominee who thinks standardized tests have no merit? Do you want to live in a neighborhood where the dumbest people are put in charge? I think not. What’s impressive about the “Harriet Myers of liberal judges”? Were you as impressed by Clarence Thomas or Miguel Estrada?

    My rant may be irrelevant, but so is (I think) political opinions on a site that purports to “find out what’s going on in the credit crisis”. Is no place safe from the liberal plague? If people want to surf a liberal site, there already is the KOS and the DU.

    1. Edward Harrison says


      This site talks about politics all the time. That used to be in my tag line. So I have no idea where you got the notion that we only follow the credit crisis.

      And, of course, if you don’t like the content, I suggest you go somewhere else to find content you do like.

      ps. – I was not impressed by Thomas and I have also linked out to posts by Patrick Buchanan critical of Sotomayor.

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