Drug suspects show Ben Bernanke how to drop helicopter money

You probably saw this one already, but a pair of suspected narcotics traffickers threw gads of money from their car window while being pursued by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in a car chase in San Diego. Basically, it was free money for any other drivers willing to risk death picking up the money on the highway. Many people, including pedestrians did just that.

Kind of fitting given the move to printing money, wouldn’t you say? Chairman Bernanke should take note — it’s all in the wrist, as the video shows.

Two narcotics suspects have been arrested after leading police on a wild chase, tossing out more than $17,000 in cash out of their truck’s windows as motorists stopped freeway traffic to grab the bills.

The pursuit began Thursday afternoon when police and federal drug agents followed two men who drove off in a pickup truck, Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman Eileen Zeidler said.

The driver took officers on a circuitous route over several streets and freeways, eventually getting onto Interstate 5 at the height of rush hour. On the busy freeway, the suspects flung mostly $20 and $100 bills out of the truck’s windows before surrendering to authorities.

As the cash blew across lanes, motorists slammed their brakes in the middle of the road and scrambled to pick up the bills, police Sgt. Kevin Rausis said.

Cash thrown from truck during chase – WoodTV.com (Grand Rapids, MI)

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