Links: 2009-03-20

Here are the main links. Others can be found in the news feed (also available via RSS).


No Return to Normal – James K. Galbraith

A Sign of the Times: A.I.G. Sues Countrywide – Deal Book

Mexico Treasury Seeks Measure Favoring Citigroup – Deal Book “A statement from the Mexican Treasury Department said it will ask lawmakers to change a current law that bans foreign state participation in local banks in order to permit government bailouts in cases of economic crisis. It gave no timeline for the plan.”

Did AIG explicitly lie about its bonuses? – Glenn Greenwald Here’s an interesting factoid: “Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told CNN Thursday his department asked Sen. Chris Dodd to include a loophole in the stimulus bill that allowed bailed-out insurance giant American International Group to keep its bonuses.”

Gold extends rally beyond $960 level –

Falls in eurozone output gather pace –

Nineteen US states go after AIG – BBC News This is a clear case of ‘piling on’

FDIC Closes Sale of Indymac, Loses $10.7 billion – Calculated Risk see my re-post below from just after Indymac went bust. I said then, and I still believe, the FDIC needs a lot more money or it will be bust. Sheila Bair has already requested $500 billion. Ouch.

Hungary, Watching A Tragedy Unfold – Edward Hugh

Video Obama bei Jay Leno – Blick Log

Employment (still weak – these blurbs all came out this morning)

ThyssenKrupp to cut thousands of jobs –

FedEx to cut costs by $1bn –

Mitsubishi motor cuts jobs in Europe –



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