Credit crunch changing Britons’ holiday-making

The Times of London says that holiday tour operators in the UK are sensing a shift in consumer behaviour because of the credit crunch. Just as the holiday season is getting under way, the strains are clear. Operators are preparing for holidays of two weeks and longer as holiday makers fight the high cost of petrol and the credit crunch gathering steam in the UK.

In the week that some financial analysts began drawing comparisons between today’s economic troubles and the dark days of 20 per cent inflation in the 1970s, British travellers may be about to get another taste of that decade: fewer, but longer, holidays.

Tour operators predict that fortnight, three-week and even longer breaks could make a comeback as fuel prices force up the price of flying during the “credit crunch”.

The Times, 21 Jun 2008

Are any of you changing your holiday plans because of the credit crunch?

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