News Round-Up: 01 Apr 2008

Food Price Inflation Changes How We Shop – Chicago Tribune (3/31/2008)
Fed eyes Nordic-style nationalisation of U.S. banks – UK Telegraph (4/1/2008)
UBS writes off $19 billion – Yahoo! News (4/1/2008)
Deutsche Bank Expects $4B Subprime Hit – Yahoo! News (4/1/2008)
WaMu Alt-A Pool Deteriorates Further – Michael Shedlock (4/1/2008)
Lehman raises $4 bln of capital to quell critics – Yahoo! News (4/1/2008)
The Wheels Fall Off China’s Boom – Charles Hugh Smith (4/1/2008)
Ireland: The End of the Miracle – Business Week (3/27/2008)
Only the money was cheap – Martin Hutchinson (3/31/2008)

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