Credit Writedowns is ending paid subscriptions for now

For nearly four years now, Credit Writedowns has been run using a freemium model, with most of the content behind a firewall. But over the past two years, the amount of time I have been able to devote to the blog and newsletter has declined. This week, I have been unable to write an in-depth note on the economy and markets. And for some time now, I have not been able to keep up a regular schedule of posts. As a result, I have decided to end all paid subscriptions and make the Credit Writedowns Pro newsletter free.

My hope is that by making it free, I will also be free to write more content – quick short posts as events occur. Let’s see what happens. But for now, I am just going to cancel all paid subscriptions. Thank you for your past readership and support. I look forward to your continued readership.

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