News: 2014-03-10


Netflix reportedly reaches another Comcast-style agreement, but with a Norwegian ISP

Neelie Kroes Calls Snowden Revelations a Wake-Up Call — “Let’s Not Snooze Through It” | Re/code

DuckDuckGo: The privacy search ruffling Google’s feathers –

Lyft Raising $150 Million to Take on Uber

Neil Young’s high-fidelity iPod competitor will cost $399 | The Verge

Bitcoin exchange MtGox ‘faced 150,000 hack attacks every second’ – Telegraph

Anonymous hackers uncover alleged proof of MtGox fraud from site’s CEO | Ars Technica



Chinese Car Sales Jump 18% as Japan Brands Extend Rebound – Bloomberg

China Inflation Slows to 13-Month Low – Bloomberg

Japan Lurches Toward First Annual Current Account Deficit Since 1980 – Japan Real Time – WSJ

BBC News – Japan’s deficit hits record as economic growth slows



Eurozone banks’ sovereign exposure hits new high | Reuters | Greek consumer prices fall 1.1 pct in February, deflation eases

Morgan Kelly: Economist who called housing crash back with SME warning –



Merkel and Xi agree Ukraine crisis needs to be solved via dialogue | Reuters

Sanctions loom as Russian forces tighten control of Crimea –

Ukraine expects gas price of $368.5 per 1,000 cubic metres from Russia | Reuters

In response to U.S. sanctions over Ukraine, Russia may freeze weapons inspections – The Washington Post

Sovereignty vs. Self-Rule: Crimea Reignites Battle –

Ukraine: Hollande et Obama envisagent “de nouvelles mesures” visant la Russie – L’Express

France and US will take me measures against Russia if Russia does not remove troops and let in international observers.

Krim-Krise ist ein Weckruf für EU-Energiepolitik «

Crisis in Crimea is a wakeup call on Europe’s energy policy.

Putins Propaganda-TV «

This Austrian article is very critical of RT, calling it propaganda.

Kofi Annan: ‘Manchmal muss man dem Teufel die Hand schütteln’ «

Here Kofi Annan talks about diplomatic objectives in cases of war, especially civil war. Good read

Merkel niet naar G8 in geval van referendum op de Krim –

Merkel will not attend G8 if there is a referendum in Crimea. Also the referendum will probably come out as pro Russia. The Russians have not said they will take in Crimea though.

Krim-Krise und G-8-Gipfel: Merkel stellt Teilnahme unter Vorbehalt – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Merkel will not attend G8 if there is a referendum in Crimea.

Yanis Varoufakis: Ukraine – Three Awkward Questions for Western Liberals and a Comment on the EU’s Role | naked capitalism | Kathimerini reporter in group attacked in Ukraine

Threats against Russia are stuck in the past – Telegraph

Ukraine Decries Crimea Separatist Referendum as Unfair – Bloomberg


North America

The Fed’s next focus is on wages | Gavyn Davies

Americans love to ask people ‘what do you do’? | Heather Long | Comment is free |



Who holds and prints the $100trn-worth of global debt? | Money Supply

Global Debt Exceeds $100 Trillion as Governments Binge, BIS Says – Bloomberg



Boost Your Balance; Avoid Falls –


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