Daily commentary: On the global growth slowdown and US multinational earnings

The link I want to highlight today is on the relationship between the slowdown in growth globally and US multinational earnings. Estimates for earnings growth have started to erode already because it is now clear that US firms cannot make up for the slow domestic growth with outsized growth abroad. Not only is Europe in recession but other countries are in a slowdown mode as well. The result is an erosion of earnings growth at companies in the S&P500. This effect is mostly about top line growth. However, if you combine this with my anticipated margin compression issue, you have the makings of a cyclical bear market (in a larger secular bear).

This is why I still think that US equities might underperform their European brethren, one of my predictions from early in the year. Year to date, the Stoxx Europe 600 Price Index is down just over 4.3% while the US S&P500 is down only 1.7%. but the European index has a much lower multiple on it given the crisis. And that means there is a lot more downside risk in the US from here. I should also highlight the article on Inditex, a Spanish retailer that owns the Zara brand. They are doing rather well despite significant home market exposure. I have watched this brand grow over the past decade and it has great global potential.

That’s it. Here are the links.


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Foreign-language links

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Austérité: comment trouver 5 milliards d’économies par an? – LExpansion.com

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Fiskalpakt: Grüne lassen Bedingungen für ein Ja im Dunkeln – Deutschland – Politik – Handelsblatt

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