Coming Soon to Credit Writedowns

I’m back. The vacation is now over and I am ready to get down to business. I hope you enjoyed the other posters over the last two weeks. You have probably seen a few of the posts I have written since Saturday, so let me now tell you about an exciting change I have in store for Credit Writedowns.

There are now three membership options available. I have just introduced a new entry-level Bronze Membership option due to reader feedback. The new "Bronze Membership" gives you access to my daily news commentary at a much lower cost than the more comprehensive premium products. That’s a value add that some of you who can’t pony up for the more premium packages told me you can benefit from.

Now in the past, I have offered up a links post on the most important news items of the day. That post is going away and being replaced by a more robust offering that also includes my news commentary in addition to the links. I hope this will put those links in context for you and give you a chance to ping me with specific comments about market and economic news issues you are seeing. This product will retail for $2.99 per month, which is a much lower price threshold than the more comprehensive premium products and it also gives you an ad-free environment here at the site. Obviously, given the price point, this isn’t a huge money maker for me. Instead, my hope is that it gives more of you a chance to get into the membership and provides a vehicle for us to talk more about the markets and the economy.

What I intend to do going forward is put up the links post for a couple of days in the new format for free to give you a feel for what the news commentary will initially look like. Then, soon afterwards, I will start the Bronze Membership.

By the way, my weekly commentary is long overdue and it is coming out for Gold members very soon.

That’s it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.


P.S. – I kind of liked offering up the links without commentary so as not to bias you with my input. But I know many of you said you actually wanted my commentary. So, I finally decided to take the extra time to start doing this. And that’s the genesis of the upcoming bronze membership.

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