1. Norme says

    No one was laughing at themselves when he spoke this time.

  2. Oldrich says

    What a well-meaning guy standing up in support of nation’s right to self-determination. I am sure he is consistent and is raising his voice with the same vigor in favor of the Scottish independence from the centuries of the English domination.
    Furthermore, I do believe that all those Greeks who praise this kind-hearted guy in their comments underneath his speeches on Youtube would love and cherish his M.Thatcher inspired policies whose stout supporter he is….

  3. David Lazarus says

    He may be anti EU but not anti sovereignty of each european nation. He is right that any collapse of Greece rapidly increases the chance of revolt, and Germany should be aware of what brought Hitler to power. It was a failure of mainstream politics to deal with the problems imposed by France and the UK at the Treaty of Versailles, that lead Germany to be run by extremists. This mirrors the impossible demands Germany is now imposing on Greece. The Greeks are giving up on democracy because of the imposition of a German puppet as Greek Prime Minister. Which means that within a few years if the problems of the Greek people do not ease then expect a take over by extremists or a military junta.

    Portuguese are also getting fed up with democracy and 15% would prefer a dictatorship to what they have now.

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