News Links: Iceland fared better by letting its banks fail

I posted this first link on twitter yesterday afternoon and it got a ton of retweets. I have seen a lot of people link out to it.

Bottom line: the concept that bankruptcy is part and parcel of capitalism resonates with people. And that’s why we are viscerally opposed to bailouts, no matter how much the Tim Geithners of the world want to defend them.

  1. Dave Holden says

    *Love* the “Authur Dent” comment on the iPhone Siri article.

    “A feature of the latest release of the iPhone operating system (IOS 5)
    is face recognition using the new hi-res forward facing camera on the
    iPhone 4. One of Steve Jobs’ last decisions was that Apple technology
    should not fall into the hands of ugly people. …” LoL!

  2. Anonymous says

    The link about Ireland and Iceland was so obvious months ago that really the politicians should have had to accept personal liability for accepting such losses before the tax payer. 

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