Chart of the Day: Market Year in Review

By Global Macro Monitor

Wow! Who would of thunk it. The Dow the only major global equity index positive for the year. U.S. Treasuries up 15-20 percent, the dollar index (Dixe) positive; Brazil and Chinese equities down 20 percent and India down almost 25 percent. Copper was on everybody’s buy list at the beginning year, finished down over 20 percent; and foodstuffs had nowhere to go but north, finishing flat after spiking earlier in the year and taking most of the political leaders in North Africa with them.

Just goes to show those who remain shall not be broken, or, should we say not go broke!. Peace and prosperity in 2012 to all.

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  1. Michael James says

    your charts tells a big story about asia. will be watching. TY!

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