Introducing Credit Writedowns Pro

The time is fast approaching when I start the new Credit Writedowns newsletter, now officially dubbed Credit Writedowns Pro.

Here’s what will happen:

Starting in the new year, I will launch a website called Credit Writedowns Pro to augment the offering here at Credit Writedowns. This will be a members only offering that anyone will be able to sign up for at Credit Writedowns.

My goal is to give you a more no-holds barred atmosphere with the free flow of ideas that a more private setting can facilitate. This is something that you have been asking about for some time. What I want to do is use my understanding of financial markets, economics and foreign languages to present you an integrated view and analysis of today’s financial and economic outlook that is only available to the most sophisticated professional investors  based on my read of events and feedback from you and other informed sources. It is therefore key that this offering give you the privacy to discuss issues freely with other informed readers if you so choose.

Credit Writedowns Pro will have two services:

  • Silver membership offering: includes ad-free access to Credit Writedowns, access to a new investment forum for interested parties to comment freely and in private as well as premium 24-hour technical support. This product will retail for $149 but will be offered at an introductory price of $119 for those who sign up early, and for $99 for those who donated during the fundraiser (minus the already submitted donation).
  • Gold membership offering: includes everything in the silver membership offering plus access to the weekly newsletter, which will concentrate on actionable information for investors interested in global macro, and the likely effects of the global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis. I will also be writing members-only quick hits based on my reaction to market-moving events as well as long-form posts as a guide to understanding the potential significance of long-tail market shocks. On the quick hits, I will post my initial reaction on the implications of a big event like today’s closing of the Strait of Hormuz by Iran. On the long-form pieces, I have a number of topics in the hopper including what would happen in the event of a Chinese hard landing, a eurozone breakup, a disorderly Greek default, or a second US recession that precipitated a municipal finance crisis. This product will retail for $399 but will be offered at an introductory price of $299 for those who sign up early, and for $279 for those who donated during the fundraiser (minus the already submitted donation).

I am looking forward to launching this new format. Personally, I think the privacy offered by a membership product will mean people writing more freely about what we are seeing and what it’s impact is likely to be. I will definitely have a lot more to say about individual stocks and asset classes than I do now. I will feel a lot freer to brainstorm different economic scenarios on the fly as market moving events trigger new information. And I will use the forums to talk about those subjects.

These are exciting times! Thanks to your contributions, Credit Writedowns will continue in its current form. But now I will be rolling out the additional features that you have been requesting. Look for the product launch in the new year. If you have any questions about the new Credit Writedowns Pro before then, feel free to ask in the comments or ping me privately at edh [at] creditwritedowns [dot] com.

  1. Edp says

    Ed….I assume those are annual rates posted above?

    1. Edward Harrison says

      That’s right. Those prices are per year.

  2. EDP says

    Ed….thanks …I will be a participant in one of your new services when offered after year end. I am not sure if that means you are incomunicado till then or not as far as trading it concerned? You thought we would have a Santa rally…to date we have not. ….any thoughts? If I were the President and joined at the hip to the FRB chairman I would not be concerned if the market ended “up” in 2011. I might in fact favor a low 2011 close to lower the bar as a comparison to the 2011 close to a higher number in Nov 2012. Kinda the kyle Bass arguement about why spend money now (ECB) to bail the EuroZone when gravity is working against you anyway. I think we are approching oversold in the S&P but I am beginning to think unchanged on the year (1257) is he best we see as the FRB ammo will not be deployed with abandon. Any comments?

  3. Ján Beňák says

    First i must say that price is too high for me, but consiering that I learned from ypur blog more than from any other maybe except for FT Alphaville, I think your paid weekly newsletter will be awesome. So I wish you good luck and lot of happy clients.

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