In Honor of Jon Corzine

Here’s what I’m listening to right now. Prince rocks the house in the video below with his yellow BMW 850i. Eat your heart out, Jon Corzine.

Also see Corzine’s Know-Nothing MF Global Defense by Yves Q. Smith. And, in case you missed it, William K. Black gives us the lowdown too.

P.S. – In the video, the police arrest the criminals at the end. In real life, not so much

  1. Ben says

    “The Honorable”‘s testimony was such a disgusting display… Alternate Corzine listening if I may-  Cellz by MF Doom

  2. fresno dan says

    Jon Corzine is an honorable man.  I know that because there is a little sign in front of him saying he is an honorable man.  A     L I T T L E     S I G N.

    I also know that pictures don’t lie – you can see for yourself THE  L I T T L E   S I G N saying Jon Corzine is honorable.  That is a sign from the CONGRESS of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  And all those guys have little signs saying they are honorable too.  We are blessed to be led by all these honorable guys…

  3. EDP says

    Thanks…awesome video and connection to MF. PRINCE is the KING of sophisticated  urban cool. I know he did Superbowl intermission a few years ago and then dropped off radar. Always wondered how a show with him and MIA would go. Flo Rida is the only potential contender but a little rougher around the perfiery… as in you spin my head right round when the company go down………………

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