What George Papandreou is listening to now that he’s won the no-confidence vote in Greece

Lovin’ it. G. Pap in da house!

Now it’s on to a Greek coalition government with the FinMin at the helm. Get ready for more austerity!!

If you haven’t seen this video on austerity in Greece and what it means, watch it now: Greeks will have ‘Bulgarian salary with London prices’

  1. Oz says

    Good video – I think her view is probably representative of the average Greek’s – “we can’t cope with this austerity, life under the Euro is terrible and its all the government’s fault…but we must stay in the Euro because we have been lead to believe that if we leave we will become a third world country forever”.

    How do you reconcile those views?

    1. David Lazarus says

      The solution for Greeks are forming new political parties and boycotting the existing parties. Once the politicians see that their futures are in danger they may be sensible. The problem is that destroying Greece to save Wall Street is like the US declaring war on Greece.

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