Input Costs of the iPhone

By Global Macro Monitor

Great graphic constructed by Mobile Phone Tracker coming to us via Nicholas Jackson of The Atlantic. We were surprised that only $7.00 goes to Foxconn to manufacture each unit. Here are some of Jackson’s favorite “facts and figures” of the iPhone’s input costs:

  • The average sale price of Apple’s iPhone 4 is $560. Of that, $7 covers the cost of manufacturing, $178 goes to components, $7 is taken by Foxconn, and Apple walks away with the rest, or $368.
  • As Nokia and RIM’s share of the global smartphone market shrunk between the second quarter of 2010 and the second quarter of 2011, that of Apple grew by more than six percent. Samsung’s share also grew over that period.
  • Samsung contributes the flash memory, DRAM memory, and applications processors for Apple’s iPhone 4. Those three components cost about $45.68 per unit.
  • Other components of the iPhone 4 and their cost: Battery, $6; accessories, $5.67; mechanicals and electro-mechanicals, $19.97; audio, $0.98; touchscreen control, $0.90; display and touchscreen, $38.50; power management, $1.51; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, $8.

  1. Jacob Mohs says

    It would be interesting to see how this changes over time, and with new versions of the iPhone in coming years.

  2. Fn says

    Great vraphics! Fyi Infineon is a German company not Taiwanese. Also need to consider other costs such as IP royalty to Qualcomm, ARM, and Imagination.

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