What Bernanke should have said?

Ben Bernanke is on the hot seat right now.

These questions sound like Congress thinks the US will be the next Greece. And that makes them likely to turn the US into the next Japan. The Congressmen almost never ask questions. They are statements posed as questions to get Bernanke to back their ideological position.

Ron Paul asked moment ago: "Do you think Gold is money?"

Wait for it,

wait for it…


Bernanke: "No."

Here’s what Bernanke should do when he doesn’t want to answer questions. Why doesn’t he just do this: point to the debt ceiling debate and say to every single question he’s asked:

The public has been let down by both sides. The government has acted in a reckless and provocative manner. Get around the negotiating table. Put aside the rhetoric and stop this kind of thing happening again.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Source: It’s Robo-Ed! Labour leader gives bizarre identical answers to EVERY question in strikes interview – The Daily Mail

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  1. Erik says

    Congressmen are the worst questioners. “mr. chairman, don’t you agree that raising taxes on our job creators would be detrimental in these uncertain times when what we really need to do is unravel the regulatory state and reduce the long-term deficit with cuts to spending in order to boost business investment confidence?”

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