1. Nathan Cedric Tankus says

    “you are on the verge of almost annoying me”

  2. Rick Clark says

    Tom Tomorrow is consistently sharp as a scalpel.

  3. Mario says

    aw man it’s just so true I could cry…but no I will laugh!! I must laugh!! LOL

  4. Carl says

    However ironically Tomorrow may have put it, he is suggesting that Obama actually is a compromising fool. I don’t believe this; Obama is not anybody’s fool. No, he and the Republicans are playing a hard cop/soft cop game with the dismantling of Social Security and Medicare as the target. And they are going to push the manufactured debt limit “crisis” right up to the wire and even beyond in order to terrorize all of us into accepting the destruction of those last remaining aspects of the New Deal.

    1. Mario says

      I agree. Obama is part and parcel of this issue. I despise the thought of “having to” vote for him in 2012. Not only did he bail out zombie companies…he bailed on his constituency.

  5. Dave Holden says

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the republicans..

  6. Bernard says

    never underestimate the stupidity of Americans. lol. the Republican base will die out much quicker, thanks to the Health Care system/blood sucking insurance companies. those old people are such dumb idiots, thanks to Fox/Republican party control.

    which the old white Republicans voters re-elected time and again for over 30 years. and now Democrats are behind Mr. Bipartisan’s destruction of the Safety Net.

    and all this while the Liberals complain there is no truth to the “both sides do it” fallacy of the Right.

    Prove them wrong you idiot Democrats. lol.

  7. GLH says

    Mario: You don’t have to vote for O. I made that mistake one time and will never make it again. I live by the saying “fool me once, shame on thee, fool me twice, shame on me.” Never more Obumer.

    1. Mario says

      yes agreed but I don’t believe in not voting…well maybe in this type of government I do believe in that! But I’d never vote for Bachman or Boehner or anyone else on the Repub side. I’d at least give Romney air time in my mind and consider what him to his good credit.

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