This Week’s Most Popular Posts: 2010-11-21

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  • Video: Quantitative Easing Explained: This hilarious cartoon video has hit a nerve and continues to get lots of traffic. Watch it to find out why. Links to more technical posts on QE as well.
  • Gold and Guns Another cartoon spoof post on an over-the-top supporter of gold and his attempt to explain his case to a work colleague.
  • HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 Android – iPhone videos of the same ilk as the QE one. Very good phone. Watch the language though.
  • Credit Crisis Timeline This is Credit Writedowns #1 post. It is also the most comprehensive set of crisis-related links on the Internet bar none. After an almost two-year hiatus, this timeline is almost certainly going to be updated since the sovereign debt crisis mandates it. Sad but true.

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