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I promised that the site would be making some changes in addition to the redesign. So the site will be undergoing some admin that will make it unavailable tonight sometime after 8PM EDT/12AM GMT (less than three hours from now). Otherwise, everything should be largely the same. I hope this will solve some of the site outages we have been experiencing. Fingers crossed. Please report any bugs, snafus or oddities to work out after the site is back up.





  1. Joel says

    I reported in a comment a few weeks ago that I often receive an error message when I click on a link along the lines of “AC Runtime Error”.

    Also, a couple of times this week, the various components of the website have all been layered one on top of the other, which has made it impossible to read or click on a link.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Thanks, Joel. I will follow up with you after tonight to see if you get the same problems. Are you still getting the AC Runtime error. This seems to be some sort of javascript problem.

      1. Joel says

        I haven’t noticed the AC Runtime Error in the past few days although pages now seem to be loading very slowly.

  2. zezorro says

    would greatly appreciate not posting inadmissible crap about some phpsafemode plugin on ubuntu not working properly, tkx
    fingers crossed for you, though, but in case you cannot diy, pls find someone who can and go over to the interesting topics i.e. money

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