Whoopi Goldberg: “I just murdered my new iPhone”

Wow. The iPhone 4 antenna issue is turning into a nightmare for Apple. You’ve got David Letterman joking about it. Now Whoopi Goldberg tells millions of viewers she hates the new iPhone. Will there be a recall?

She caveats this thing but I’d be careful if I were Whoopi because Oprah made some comments like this about beef and she found herself getting sued.

  1. Max says

    Don’t forget Ellen.

  2. @jporter says

    Darn. I’d love to watch the video but, I’m on an iPhone ;)

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Yep, iPhones have no flash! I wonder what $AAPL is going to say today. I bet there’s no recall. You’d have to see far worse problems for that but it’s been a black eye for Apple nonetheless.

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