On The Linkage Between Welfare and Warfare and Other Links

Here are the links today. I have a lot more than this but some time limitations this morning as I am preparing for a spot on BBC Five Live for 5PM UK time (12PM EDT). The Prime Minister is in town and I will provide some economic commentary on Five Live for anyone in the UK or those who want to listen on their Internet live stream.

Also, you probably know this already, but I should point out that the Monday link on ‘Beyond Jane‘ is a fabrication. Let me say, in truth, I half believed the article, seriously – even though I knew it was a fake. I’ll leave you with my James Montier-inspired post "Spinoza, Descartes and suspension of disbelief in the ivory tower of economics" as a sort of background for now.

But, people must suspend disbelief in order to process information – and I think it is this that is at the heart of all hoaxes and why I still half-believed the article despite its debunking. Did I want to believe? Is this why false narratives in economics and politics are so powerful?


  • The Burning Platform – Welfare and Warfare

The Usual Fare

  • re: The Auditors – Watch Banks Pull Rabbits Out of Hats, Ably Assisted by Their Auditors
  • Marginal Revolution: ICE Trust and CDS swaps
  • The Obama financial reform bill won’t prevent another crisis – Bill Black – Fortune
  • Sarah Palin invents word in Twitter gaffe – Telegraph
  • The Bush Deficit Bamboozle – Paul Krugman Blog – NYTimes.com
  • Hungary’s IMF revolt augurs ill for Greece – Telegraph
  • Observations: Vaginal gel shows effectiveness in preventing HIV in women
  • A hidden world, growing beyond control | washingtonpost.com
  • Spain’s unemployment devastates residents, adds country to European nations in crisis – The Globe and Mail
  • FT.com – China now world’s biggest energy user
  • An Outspoken Fund Manager With Contrarian Views – NYTimes.com
  • Democrats Jump Into Six-Point Lead on Generic Ballot – Gallup
  • "Hypo Real Estate zakt voor stresstest’ – Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Stress : The Frontal Cortex
  • Screw The Heat; Sears Wants To Sell You Christmas Crap Now – The Consumerist
  • Obama’s Highest Half-Year Approval Ratings in D.C., Hawaii
  • FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Blue Dogs Be Dog-Gone Soon
  • The Summer(s) of Our Discontent » New Deal 2.0
  • Pakistani Taxes Widen Divide Between Rich and Poor – NYTimes.com
  • George W. Bush: Screwup-in-Chief, 2001-2008 | Capital Gains and Games
  • And So It Begins – Paul Krugman Blog – NYTimes.com
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