HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4

Happy Thursday. Here are a few videos to liven up your morning (warning: strong language). Hat tip Scott.

Also see Best Buy Trying To Fire Employee Over Those Hilarious EVO Versus iPhone Videos from Tech Crunch.

And here’s the latest from the man who did the two EVO-IPhone animations. It’s called TweetFired, Tech Crunch says:

TweetFired is the story of Peter, a man who gets in trouble with his job because of the tweets he posts. “I can’t believe you would write this bullshit about the company that writes your checks,” his boss tells him. The only problem? His tweets had nothing to do with his job. Yes, obviously this is a nice big F-You to Best Buy.

Don’t you love the Internet?

  1. Siddhartha Azambuja says

    Let’s hope no phone really has only a one hour battery life, and no one ever gets fired for complaining about the coffee.

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