More on Steve Jobs’ comments at the D8 All Things Digital Conference

In the links this morning I highlighted the D8 All Things Digital technology conference hosted by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. Apple CEO Steve Jobs was there sounding off on all manner of topics from Google to Adobe to the iPad. The Wall Street Journal has the video now. So I am re-posting it here. Boy does Jobs look weak and thin. Compare him then to the picture from the 1970s I posted in the links.

One note: Jobs talks about not wanting America to "descend into a nation of bloggers," criticizing blogs and the lack of editorial review.  Jobs says he’s all for "anything we can do to help the New York Times, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal" gather news and disseminate it.

The videos are embedded below. Enjoy.

D8: Apple CEO Steve Jobs Talks About Flash

D8: Steve Jobs on iAds Restrictions

D8: Steve Jobs on Apple’s Relationship With Google

D8: Steve Jobs on the iPhone’s Origin

D8: Steve Jobs on AT&T

D8: Steve Jobs on Television

D8: Steve Jobs on the Gizmodo Story

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