Links: 2010-05-02 Acropolis now and Greece’s bad omen

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I like the first link below. However, it does move rather quickly from a discussion about Greece, which operates in a limited fixed-exchange rate environment, to other countries with fiat sovereign currencies. Be careful about any statements that treat the two as similar because they are not since the deflationary route is the only available to Greece to avoid default. You will also see the best econ picture of the year in the Economist story just below.

  • – Edward Chancellor – Greece a bad omen for others in debt
  • Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis: Acropolis now | The Economist
  • iPad ændrer 99-årig kvindes liv – Tech & mobil
  • Only radical action can save us from meltdown – Analysis, Opinion –
  • Oil spill could cost BP over $4.6 billion: report| Reuters
  • Goldman: Still Greedy, No Longer Patient – Opinionator Blog –
  • Dana Milbank – Obama’s fatal flinch on immigration reform
  • Most Americans Don’t Want Reagan on $50 Bill – The Consumerist
  • Obama Defends Government Action in Michigan Speech –
  • New Yorkers Avert ‘Deadly Event’; Police Disarm Bomb –
  • / In depth – Greece seals deal for financial bailout
  • Greece erupts in violent protest as citizens face a future of harsh austerity | World news | The Observer
  • US Gulf coast faces disaster as oil slick threatens to destroy fisheries and wildlife | Environment | The Observer
  • Letters – A Congressional Grilling for Goldman –
  • New Economic Perspectives: Paul Samuelson on Deficit Myths
  • Deficit reduction: A Washington two-step | The Economist
  • Facial recognition phone application described as ‘stalker’s dream’ | Mail Online
  • John M. Shalikashvili and Hugh Shelton – The latest national security threat: obesity
  • Number of the Week: $132 Billion of Lost Synthetic Mortgage Bets – Real Time Economics – WSJ
  • U.S. Role in Mortgage Market Grows Even Larger –
  • “Hey Dad, Why do we save Billionaires, but not Teachers?” « SpeakEasy
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