The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-04-11

New Economic Thinking
  • The Central Bank as “Deal of the Last Resort”?
  • Koo, White, Soros and Akerloff videos from inaugural INET conference
    Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis
  • Angela Calling Update
  • Angela Calling
  • Galbraith, Stiglitz and Soros on resisting the inevitability of the Greek debt crisis
  • Fitch downgrades Greece to BBB- with a negative outlook
  • Greece is the time, is the place, is the motion
  • Greece And The Potential Upside In An IMF Rescue
  • BBH CurrencyView: Greece Returns With Vengeance
    Most Read
  • The hidden tax of zero rates on consumers
  • Are munis the next shoe to drop?
  • Throwing in the towel on policy makers
  • Inexact but telling comparisons to the Great Depression
  • A few thoughts on the difference between blogs and news
  • Bringing back the Scylla and Charybdis flation meme
  • Which media companies will have a hard time adapting?
  • US Pension Funds are implicitly betting on Dow 40,000
  • Three potential explanations for the continued fall in US savings rate
  • Why the fall in the savings rate is not meaningless
  • When the Facts Change
  • Lehman chief warns of more big bank failures
  • Links: 2010-04-11 Peak oil alert, soybean trade war
  • Links: 2010-04-10 Greek crisis, CDO shenanigans and Germany’s forgotten bunkers
  • Links: 2010-04-09
  • Links: 2010-04-08 – The Rebirth of Eliot Spitzer
  • Links: 2010-04-07 – more on local governments in Riga and Detroit
  • Links: 2010-04-06 – local governments in a world of hurt
  • Links: 2010-04-05 – Eventual Greek default, muni threat and the end of recession
    Economic Data
  • So were the jobs numbers mediocre?
  • Jobs Data Determines Whether it is A Good Friday
  • A mediocre payroll number is better than a robust one
  • Go Greece Lightning
  • Ron Paul has Barack Obama’s number

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