Recovery Triumphalism and the Committee to Save Wall Street

I am starting a new list of articles on my reading list which point to the success of what Marshall Auerback calls "The Committee to Save Wall Street," with this Newsweek cover as a contrarian indicator.

Americas Back

The point is that the propaganda machine is out in full force. We are likely to see some serious Recovery Triumphalism in the lead-up to the mid-term elections in the U.S.. And I have spotted a few gems already.

For a more balanced view of what’s ahead read Tim Duy’s Fed Watch: What Could Derail the Recovery?

Do me a favor and send me anything you see out there on Recovery Triumphalism so that I can add it to my reading list. It reminds me of my list of must read books for a good laugh from the housing and tech bubble days.

As my friend Scott says, "The time to go short is when you see Obama in a flight suit."

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