Links: 2010-03-12 – Yellen for Fed Vice Chair, Bank failure Thursday and more

  • Obama to tap Yellen for Fed vice chair:source| Reuters
  • BBC News – Rove ‘proud’ of US waterboarding terror suspects
  • Walmart vende la Barbie negra a mitad de precio que la blanca ¿discriminación? –
  • Examiner sees gimmicks in Lehman demise| Reuters
  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for LibertyPointe Bank, New York, NY
  • Americans’ Global Warming Concerns Continue to Drop – Gallup
  • Compromise would shield payday lenders, pawnbrokers and car dealers from oversight –
  • Man allegedly uses West Valley City Walmart merchandise to steal other store goods | Deseret News
  • JP Morgan and Citigroup contributed to Lehman’s collapse, says US examiner – Telegraph
  • Baseline Scenario: The Book, Arnold Kling | EconLog
  • The Coming Greek Debt Bubble « The Baseline Scenario
  • Economist’s View: Is This the Best Congress Can Do for the Unemployed?
  • Recession damage to Ireland is permanent, says OECD – Irish, Business –
  • Defaults Signal Bursting Muni Junk Bubble After Surge –
  • BP, Devon to develop oil sands project – The Globe and Mail
  • Rajiv Sethi: On Asymmetry, Reflexivity and Sovereign Default
  • immobilienblasen: Cramer´s Bull Case For Banks….. I Can Smell A Top… ;-)
  • Median Net Worth of Single Black Women in Prime Working Years: $5 « naked capitalism
  • Man Dies In Freak Gas Pump Fire Caused By Static Electricity – The Consumerist
  • Google Gains, Apple Stays Steady, And Palm Loses In Smartphone Share
    1. LavrentiBeria says

      That Karl Rove takes pride in the techniques that were employed to extract information from those we’ve suspected of “terrorism” is reason enough to try and execute him in precisely the same way we tried and executed Japanese soldiers that used them on our men in WWII. And that Rove can feel comfort in making such a statement publically is both a moral verdict rendered on our ruling class and its phony posturing about the rule of law and the fetid sewer that has become the life outlook of a significant number of Americans. The blot of torture on our nation will never be expunged until each and every one of the bacteria responsible for it either efficiently or complicity in both the Obama and Bush administrations is detained, interrogated, publically tried and sentenced.

      1. Edward Harrison says

        It’s criminal. That no one has been prosecuted says a lot about the US and
        the lack of morality. Despicable.

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