The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-02-27

Most Read
  • Is AIG the main CDS insurer for Greek government debt?
  • Drawing the right lessons from an obscure tale of obscure interest rate swaps
  • Beijing is not Washington’s banker
  • EM Currencies Remain Vulnerable As Pessimism Returns
  • European Currencies to Suffer Disproportionately vs. US Dollar
  • RBS paying large bonuses while Commerzbank bankers get zero
  • Too Soon To Cry “Victory” On Latvia?
  • The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease
  • Still Want to Buy the Loonie on this Pullback
  • Video: Scenes from general strike in Greece to protest austerity
  • January’s FDIC cease and desist and other administrative orders
  • Growth vs Levels – Eurozone Edition
  • Citigroup can limit demand deposit withdrawals and money funds can too
  • Lessons from Japan on sovereign default and balance sheet recessions
  • Goldman vs. Grassley on Build America Bonds
  • Inside the mind of an investment banker: Greece, Goldman and derivatives
  • Greek death spiral hits bank credit ratings. What should the EU do?
  • 60 Minutes – Pigeon Fever and Ponzi Schemes on Wall Street
  • Who is getting robbed? The REAL “intergenerational theft”
  • Japanese government has negative net asset value
    Week’s Most Popular Older Posts
  • Credit Crisis Timeline
  • Switzerland threatened with bankruptcy
  • Greece: How to induce yet more capital flight
  • The Swedish banking crisis response – a model for the future?
  • The top 25 European banks by assets 
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  • Links: 2010-02-26 – credit cards, reinflating the bubble and more
  • Links: 2010-02-25 – inflating, Buffet myths, Buiter’s predictions and more
  • Links: 2010-02-24 – UK Double dip, zombie banks and more
  • Links: 2010-02-23 – Krugman, Doomsday Cycle, Eurozone and more
  • Links: 2010-02-22 – UK bank overdrafts, jobseeker privacy and more
  • Links: 2010-02-21 – shadow inventory, depression in Latvia and more
    Economic Data
  • Jobless claims report points to long-term unemployment problem
  • Nationwide: UK house prices fall 1.0%
  • Existing home sales plunge amid evidence most houses sold in distress
  • January’s FDIC cease and desist and other administrative orders
  • Jobless claims: 496,000 are much worse than expected
  • New home sales hit a record low
  • Case-Shiller: housing double dip threat as only 4 of 20 markets rise 
    Bread & Circus specials
  • Video: Jon Stewart on credit card reform
  • Video: The Germans take on the Greeks

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