The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-02-13

Most Read
  • Roach: "weak, anaemic, fragile, potential vulnerable to a double dip”
  • Chandler: Policy makers are repeating the mistakes of the 1930s
  • Unprecedented moral suasion from regulators on small businesses lending
  • John Mauldin: A Bubble in Search of a Pin
  • The coming wave of second mortgage writedowns
  • A more in-depth description of how elites maintain status quo ante
  • Andy Xie: Chinese monetary policy has to be tightened
  • Rogers: Chanos “couldn’t spell China 10 years ago”
  • More from Chanos on the Chinese property bubble
  • Canadian housing bubble
  • Greece gets the green light, but will it all work?
  • Debt concealment in Greece
  • The Germans will not bail out Greece
  • Chandler: Uncertainty and contagion at work with Greece
  • Handelsblatt: Bilateral aid and EU aid to Greece off the table
  • Video: Stiglitz and Hendry debate the Greek bailout
  • Greek financial debacle threatens Swiss banks
  • A Way Out (?)
  • Greece: Statement by the Heads of State or Government of the European Union
    Week’s Most Popular Older Posts
  • Is economic boom around the corner?
  • New Citigroup maven Buiter warns of sovereign debt delusion
  • Credit Crisis Timeline
  • Roubini: How to avoid the horrors of ‘stag-deflation’
  • Why mortgages aren’t modified and what a ruling stopping foreclosures means
  • Do BRICs (and Germans) Eat PIGS?
  • The European problem
  • Links: 2010-02-12 – European recovery falters and mortgage problems
  • Links: 2010-02-11 – Greece, snow’s effect on jobs report and more
  • Links: 2010-02-10 – Greece, Google and Germany
  • Links: 2010-02-09 – Greek debt, Brazilian bonds, Chinese currency and more
  • Links: 2010-02-08 – currency speculators, Canadian bubbles, and more
  • Links: 2010-02-07
  • Links: 2010-02-06
    Economic Data
  • Unemployment number decline is all about seasonal adjustments
  • Record state unemployment insurance borrowing pressures budgets
  • Employment situation: 9.7% unemployment, 20,000 jobs lost
  • The Atlantic: A new jobless era is transforming America 
    Bread & Circus specials
  • Colbert makes comedy of Sarah Palin at the Tea Party convention
  • Snowed in in Snowmaggedon: time lapse version
  • Bernanke: “He just out to take everything you own”

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