The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-02-06

Most Read
  • Jim Chanos still bearish on China, talks malinvestment
  • If PIIGS Could Fly
  • After Greece and Portugal, does Spain come next?
  • Weaker eurozone manufacturers losing competitiveness
  • Greek bailout news
  • On depreciation, malinvestment and GDP as a gross number
  • The Wall Street Journal’s primer on The Volcker Rule
  • Double Dip Recession and the Obama 2011 Budget
  • Chart of the day: Clusterstock – How the AIG bailout worked
  • Remarks by President Obama to the Republican Caucus
  • The President remains trapped in the talons of the deficit hawks
  • December’s FDIC cease and desist and other administrative orders
  • Chandler: Policy makers are repeating the mistakes of the 1930s
  • Spain is a serious country
  • Stimulus, recovery, patriotism and America’s shining city, Joe Biden style 

    Week’s Most Popular Older Posts
  • The Fake Recovery
  • Chanos: “We’re not calling for an impending crash of China”
  • Credit Crisis Timeline
  • On the sovereign debt crisis and the debt servicing cost mentality
  • The top 25 European banks by assets
  • Chart of the day: Dow 1928-1932
  • Marc Faber: Obama makes Bush look like a genius 


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    Economic Data
  • Chart of the day: U.S. savings rate over last 60 years
  • Chart of the Day: Personal Income and Outlays
  • ISM manufacturing survey points to more inventory gains
  • Global manufacturing continued its expansion In January
  • America’s Incredible Consumer Confidence Index
  • Spain’s Incredible Consumer Confidence Index
  • Increasing layoffs could spell trouble for economy
  • Chart of the day: U.S. hiring and layoffs by region
  • Leap in jobless claims is an ominous signal
  • Unemployment number decline is all about seasonal adjustments
  • Employment situation: 9.7% unemployment, 20,000 jobs loss
  • UK house prices now 9.9% above trough
  • GDP up 5.7%, fastest rate since 2003


    Bread & Circus specials
  • Pedal to the metal?
  • Groundhog Day: Six more weeks of winter
  • Eliot Spitzer on Stephen Colbert
  • Murray Hill Incorporated is running for Congress
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