January’s FDIC cease and desist and other administrative orders

Below is a partial list of January 2010 FDIC enforcement decisions and orders. I have only included cease-and-desist orders, prompt corrective action notices and termination of insurance orders as these are the signs of banking system distress.


Peoples Independent Bank, Boaz, AL; FDIC-09-670b; Issued 1/29/10 – PDF

Union State Bank, Pell City, AL; FDIC-09-589b; Issued 1/29/10 – PDF

Sunrise Bank of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ; FDIC-09-704b; Issued 1/15/10 – PDF

Copper Star Bank, Scottsdale, AZ; FDIC-09-657b; Issued 1/28/10 – PDF

Firstier Bank, Louisville, CO; FDIC-09-601b; Issued 1/22/10 – PDF

Oceanside Bank, Jacksonville Beach, FL; FDIC-09-037b; Issued 1/7/10 – PDF

Gulf Coast Community Bank, Pensacola, FL; FDIC-09-421b; Issued 1/29/10 – PDF

Capitol City Bank & Trust Company, Atlanta, GA; FDIC-09-538b; Issued 1/20/10 – PDF

Farmers & Merchants Bank, Eatonton, GA; FDIC-09-316b; Issued 1/13/10 – PDF

Heritage Bank, Jonesboro, GA; FDIC-09-664b; Issued 1/8/10 – PDF

First Choice Community Bank 1874, Newnan, GA; FDIC-09-346b; Issued 1/19/10 – PDF

The Patterson Bank, Patterson, GA; FDIC-09-687b; Issued 1/29/10 – PDF

Bank of Valdosta, Valdosta, GA; FDIC-09-465b; Issued 1/8/10 – PDF

Creekside Bank, Woodstock, GA; FDIC-09-529b; Issued 1/8/10 – PDF

Bank of Wrightsville, Wrightsville, GA; FDIC-09-561b; Issued 1/28/10 – PDF

Town Community Bank and Trust, Antioch, IL; FDIC-09-689b; Issued 1/14/10 – PDF

Broadway Bank, Chicago, IL; FDIC-09-573b; Issued 1/26/10 – PDF

Highland Community Bank, Chicago, IL; FDIC-09-423b; Issued 1/21/10 – PDF

State Bank of Burnettsville, Burnettsville, IN; FDIC-09-534b; Issued 1/14/10 – PDF

Clarke County State Bank, Osceola, IA; FDIC-09-668b; Issued 1/8/10 – PDF

Pilsen State Bank, Lincolnville, KS; FDIC-09-607b; Issued 1/6/10 – PDF

First Security Bank & Trust Company, Norton, KS; FDIC-09-616b; Issued 1/6/10 – PDF

Security State Bank, Scott City, KS; FDIC-09-634b; Issued 1/22/10 – PDF

Citizens Union Bank of Shelbyville, Shelbyville, KY; FDIC-09-567b; Issued 1/15/10 – PDF

The Union Bank, Marksville, LA; FDIC-09-726b; Issued1/29/10 – PDF

Athol-Clinton Co-operative Bank, Athol, MA; FDIC-09-605b; Issued 1/19/10 – PDF

Stoneham Savings Bank, Stoneham, MA; FDIC-10-019b; Issued 1/26/10 – PDF

First State Bank of Kiester, Kiester, MN; FDIC-09-616b; Issued 1/20/10 – PDF

Northeast Bank, Minneapolis, MN; FDIC-09-656b; Issued 1/26/10 – PDF

Bank of Smithtown, Smithtown, NY; FDIC-09-655b; Issued 1/29/10 – PDF

The Citizens Bank of East Tennessee, Rogersville, TN; FDIC-09-645b; Issued 1/28/10 – PDF

The Cowlitz Bank, Longview, WA; FDIC-09-305b; Issued 1/27/10 – PDF

Cambridge State Bank, Cambridge, WI; FDIC-09-659b; Issued 1/30/10 – PDF

Security State Bank, Iron River, WI; FDIC-09-546b; Issued 1/20/10 – PDF

Evergreen State Bank, Stoughton, WI; FDIC-08-410b; Issued 1/25/10 – PDF


Blue Ridge Savings Bank, Inc., Asheville, NC; FDIC-08-293b; Modification of Order to Cease and Desist; Issued 1/27/10 – PDF


Orders Terminating an Order to Cease and Desist

Edgebrook Bank, Chicago, IL; FDIC-07-223b; Issued 1/8/10 – PDF

The Bank of Harlan, Harlan, KY; FDIC-08-164b; Issued 1/29/10 – PDF

Mt. Washington Co-operative Bank, South Boston, MA; FDIC-09-311b; Issued 1/7/10 – PDF

Nevada Bank and Trust Company, Caliente, NV; FDIC-08-007b; Issued 1/20/10 – PDF

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