Bloomberg continues to push the Geithner-AIG cover-up issue

Below is the latest Bloomberg News video on the Geithner-AIG cover-up. Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), who learned by investigation that the NY Fed asked AIG to withhold information about payment to its counterparties, is now asking questions. The New York Fed has responded saying that Tim Geithner “played no role in” the deliberations and communication referenced in specific e-mails now in question.  This issue needs further investigation.

(see video embedded below)

The NY Fed has not said categorically that Tim Geithner played no role in or had no knowledge of the withholding of information. I would like to see a categorical statement of this sort.

An example would be:

Timothy Geithner neither knew of nor participated in any deliberations concerning the withholding of information about payments by AIG to its counterparties. Any decisions to withhold information about AIG’s payments to its counterparties were made without the knowledge or participation of Mr. Geithner.

That is a categorical statement.

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