News from around the web: 2009-12-24

  1. LavrentiBeria says

    Some reason you’d want to showcase Taibbi’s filthy language, Ed? I mean, really, this:

    “I’m always afraid to write about David Brooks, because I worry that my attitude toward this guy is colored by certain strong feelings I have about his appearance — he just looks like a professional groveler/ass-kisser, and every time I see him in public I have to fight off visions of him home at night in his Versace jammies, feverishly jacking off with one hand while caressing in the other an official invitation to, say, a White House event, or a Harvard Club luncheon.”

    Or this:

    “Brooks is the kind of character who has thrived everywhere he’s lived throughout human history; it’s incredibly easy to imagine the nebbishy, hairy-kneed Gaius Domitus Brooksius strolling through Rome and swelling with pride over his new appointment to the post of Senior Licker of the Caligulan butt crack.”

    While there is no abiding affection for David Brooks in this corner, particularly, you can’t manage something better than this?

    1. Edward Harrison says

      He does have a way with words. It’s obviously for shock value. But, he is delivering a wake up call.

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