News from around the web: 2009-10-05

  • Bronte Capital: Are the Spanish banks hiding their losses? Looking at the American data

    John is dubious about Spain like Edward Hugh. It seems a bit hard to believe we could have a depression-like environment in Spain without a serious banking crisis. But, this is what we have seen to date unlike in Ireland, the US, UK, Latvia or Iceland. I remain sceptical. John rips into the analysis with hard facts and data.

  • Andrew Ross Sorkin’s ‘Too Big to Fail’ |

    This post is the business. A very inside look into September 08 events.

  • – Goldman to be paid $1bn if CIT fails

    These perverse incentives are why CDS needs regulation. "Goldman Sachs stands to receive a payment of $1bn – while US taxpayers would lose $2.3bn – if embattled commercial lender CIT files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, people familiar with the matter said."

  • FT Alphaville » Do not sell equities, Credit Suisse says

    "Worried about that US labour data? Concerned that a recovery in the real economy has yet to emerge? Do not panic! And whatever you do, do not sell your equities! At least, that’s according to analysts at Credit Suisse, led by Andrew Garthwaite."

  • Larry Summers and the White House economic team : The New Yorker

    Is this serious reporting or a puff piece? You decide.

  • Arrest of Queens Man Puts Focus on Texting to Rally Protesters –

    "Elliot Madison, 41, a social worker who has described himself as an anarchist, had been arrested in Pittsburgh on Sept. 24 and charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution, criminal use of a communication facility and possession of instruments of crime. The Pennsylvania State Police said he was found in a hotel room with computers and police scanners while using the social-networking site Twitter to spread information about police movements. He has denied wrongdoing."

  • Cligs URL Shortener To Shut Down

    "In a move that will once again lead some to question to longevity of the URL shorteners used to shrink links on sites like Twitter, the popular Cl.igs service has announced on its blog (via CenterNetworks) that it is shutting down."

  • Less Than Half Of U.S. Medical Students Understand Health Care System, Study Finds

    "Less than half of graduating medical students in the U.S. say they received adequate training in understanding health care systems and the economics of practicing medicine, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan Medical School."

  • Entire cities recreated from Flickr photos – New Scientist

    "Sameer Agarwal’s team was able to create a simulation of Rome using 150,000 images harvested from photo-sharing website Flickr, and build a virtual model within a day."

  • One In Eight Strokes Is Preceded By ‘Warning Stroke’

    "One out of every eight strokes is preceded by a "warning stroke," which is a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or mild stroke"

  • Do Your Children Push The Boundaries? It May Be A Sign Of Future Leadership Abilities

    "Children whose parents use a firm parenting style that still allows them to test the rules and learn from it are more likely to assume leadership roles as adults according to a new study published in a recent edition of The Leadership Quarterly."

  • What we want isn’t always what’s best for us — just ask the banks

    It looks like moral hazard all over again in Irish banking. Next stop the US and UK

  • Meredith Whitney: The Credit Crunch Continues –

    Good homage to the need to support small business suffering with the credit cycle

  • Latest Round-Up of Obama Approval Ratings by State — Politics Daily

    "Most national polls have President Obama’s job approval rating settling into the low- to mid-50s, but just as in a presidential election, the national numbers don’t provide a picture of how he is doing in states of different political colors. Here’s a sampling of recent polls that tested Obama’s approval ratings at the state level. It’s not a scientific or necessarily representative sample, just a roundup of what’s available."

  • YouTube – Marc Cenedella Sees White-Collar Hiring in 2010: Video

    This is what hiring looks in the trenches. Not 100% upbeat but not terrible.

  • Dette er verdens feteste yacht  ( Bil og båt ,  E24 Eksklusiv )

    Check out this Yacht for Hermes. This is nice!

  • Obama was told a trip to Olympics meeting may clinch Chicago win —

    "Up until a few days before flying to Copenhagen, Obama was not sold on the idea. He was concerned he would be gone when the healthcare debate hit the House or Senate floor."

  • Distraction of the Day: Safe sex for the over 50s (Get your Viagra and go!)

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