Links: 2009-10-23

  • The Problem is Not TBTF, but TDTR – Yves Smith

    TDTR means Too Difficult to Resolve

  • Economist’s View: "The Death-Defying Dollar"

    Long-term weakness but no collapse.

  • Paul Krugman – The Chinese Disconnect –

    This is going to be a tough nut to crack. The US can’t be seen telling the Chinese publicly to revalue. But, on the other hand, this does seem a lot like a beggar they neighbor policy. If the dollar loses yet more value against the floaters. expect the peg to come under pressure.

  • NAMA debt ruling staves off further rating agency downgrades –

    NAMA not gov’t debt.

  • AIB to raise €2bn as part of blueprint for restructuring –

    "which will set out in detail how the bank plans to avoid majority state ownership."

  • – US asks Switzerland to extradite Polanski

    Formal request now.

  • BBC NEWS | Argentina launches new debt deal

    "It wants to buy $20bn in outstanding defaulted bonds held by investors"

  • Q&A: What the ‘Middle-Class’ Recession Means for Bankruptcies – Real Time Economics – WSJ

    "Fewer African-Americans are filing and more whites and more Asians."

  • FT Alphaville – The US stock market is overvalued by 40%

    This is no surprise.

  • To Revitalize iPhone App Sales, Get T-Mobile And Dana Carvey To Pimp A Copycat Android App


  • / Europe – Eurozone economic activity surges

    "grew at its fastest pace for almost two years in October"

  • Oil rises toward US$81 on Friday

    I see this as a sign of dollar weakness and asset price inflation

  • – Brussels to investigate HSH Nordbank bail-out

    Worries of economic nationalism in finance.

  • FT Alphaville – The perils of instant analysis

    Dick Bove’s about face on WFC has everyone perplexed. More on MSR too.

  • Nokia sues Apple over iPhone patents –

    “attempting to get a free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation”

  • Elizabeth Warren Speaks With Michael Moore (VIDEO): Exclusive Footage

    Fuller perspective of her views.

  • McCain introduces bill to block Net neutrality | Raw Story

    Call this a pro-Telco, anti-Tech move

  • Rich Germans demand higher taxes

    This news is all the rage on social networking sites.

  • Cassandra Does Tokyo: Farewell JWM

    Was Cassandra too hasty in writing of JW Meriwether?

  • Herding the Sheep – Washington’s Blog

    Evidence abounds of orchestrated propaganda.

  •’s Profit Soars as Kindle Outsells Rivals –

    $199 million in Net income.

  • FSA to block banks from big bonuses – Telegraph

    Understandable but coercive. A mistake that restricts credit.

  • Bank of England will not target asset bubbles, say deputy governor Paul Tucker – Telegraph
  • American Express profit beats estimates | Reuters

    All of the financials are still beating

  • – FSA calls on banks to hold more capital

    Only the too big to fail sort

  • BBC NEWS | Opel workers in Spain reach deal

    Best outcome

  • Dear Middle Class: Thanks To You, Hamptons Sales Surge 32% To Five Year High On Upcoming Record Bonuses | zero hedge
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