Gold hits all-time record high

Gold hit a record high of $1,044.30 an ounce, beating the previous record of $1,032.35 set back in March and up a monster $26 on the day. The impetus is the crashing dollar, brought down by a report (later denied) that OPEC states and the Chinese were organizing a secret abandonment of the US dollar (see story here).


It is still rising.  In fact all commodities are rising sharply against the dollar. WTI Crude is up 2%, oat futures are up 3%, wheat futures are up 4 1/2%,  and corn futures are up almost 7%. And, we are seeing parabolic moves in silver (up almost 6%) and copper (up over 3%) as well.

But, of course, the Dow is up over 160 points despite this news of dollar revulsion. A little gallows humor over at Zero Hedge captures the mood amongst the shorts (hat tip Scott). This rally is absolutely turbo-charged. Can nothing take it down?


Spot gold – Kitco

Commodity futures – Bloomberg

  1. Anonymous says

    Don’t forget Silver…up 4%

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Last I saw it was even up 6%!

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