The socialist back-to-school speech

While I have come down hard on some aspects of Barack Obama’s legislative agenda, I have not been painting him with a Hitler moustache or accusing him of socialism, that great evil practised only in cheese-loving France.  So I was disappointed to learn how vociferously some were shouting down the President’s back-to-school speech.

The shouts of Fascism in the direction of the President are laughable. Can we please have a reasoned political debate without throwing in meaningless historical references?

So, here it is below in all it’s glory – Barack Hussein Obama’s back-to-school speech.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Knee pads for Dems and Obama!

    It’s interesting that when George HW Bush gave a speech directed at school children from a school, schools refused to show it and further more the Congress controlled by Dems held hearings that lasted for months dragging admin officials into hearings demanding to know why Bush was polluting children’s minds with a political message under the cover of asking them to stay in school.

    This time around Obama does the same and more with study guides etc.

    Personally I wish more speeches would be given but don’t pretend that Obama and crew are not about a cult of personality message. It’s their M.O. So spare us the bullshit.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      This is the issue you’re discussing:

      While the Washington Examiner is conservative, the analysis in the article is balanced. Obama’s so-called cult of personality, however, is irrelevant.

  2. Name says


    Your kind are pathetic. None of you want to acknowledge your 8 year Bush fetish because of the unprecedented destruction he left for all of us to clean up. But whenever you sense an opportunity, you poke your heads out and use an instance of Bush-bashing to somehow justify disingenuous and pernicious crticism of our current POTUS.

    “Spare us the bullshit?”

    Socialism? Indoctrination? Hitler, for God sakes?!!!!

    I think you’re asking the wrong people.

    Your point has been made… badly. Now, go back into you hole and hide and wait for the next chance to the defend Bush legacy that you’re hiding from.

    1. Anonymous says

      It was HW Bush, moronski. Your knee pads for Obama have nothing to do with George W. Bush. If you can’t handle even handed facts about stupid Congressional behavior concerning past presidential speeches you really should keep quiet. It is no coincidence that you leave comments without your name.

      Read the link that Ed responded with to get a clue.

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