A conversation with Rahm Emanuel on Charlie Rose

The most newsworthy item in this clip is Emanuel saying that the healthcare bill cannot pass the Senate with a public option. Along those lines reports are now coming out that the Obama Administration is negotiating with Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) to use a watered-down ‘public-option trigger’ which she has said she will support. The White House has denied these reports.

Likely we will see either a trigger mechanism or an insurance co-op.

Here’s the Emanuel clip from Charlie Rose.

(Video embedded below. If you experience a problem, use this link instead.)

  1. aitrader says

    A very scary guy. He’s Obama’s equivalent of Donald Rumsfeld. Words get twisted. Ideas get flipped.

    The most frightening thing about him is he actually seems to believe he is above and beyond ‘mere mortals’ and lives on some kind of moral high ground.

    Here are some quotes where he states he wants to bring back “compulsory government service”-


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