News from around the web: 2009-08-07

  • On why I can’t get in to see my doctor – James Fallows

    Being in Canada, I am interested in these stories.

  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for Community National Bank of Sarasota County, Venice, FL

    Failed bank 71. Assets of $97 million

  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for First State Bank, Sarasota, FL

    Bank failure 70. Assets of $463 million.

  • Freddie Mac Reports First Profit In Two Years –

    Net income of $768 million is leagues better than Fannie

  • Busted: Statue’s a Dead Ringer for Jacko | NBC Chicago

    This does look like Michael. Hat tip Steve.

  • Ben Stein finally Expelled from NY Times – Felix Salmon

    Fired by the Grey Lady for hawking dodgy financial wares.

  • How To Blow A Bubble – Simon Johnson

    Controversial, for sure. Goldman and Bernanke as enablers/stokers of bubbles.

  • Toyota to decide on California plant by end of month | Reuters

    Plant jointly operated with GM.

  • How debit cards fleece consumers – MSN Money

    Another way banks get their money

  • 100-meter Sprint Can Be Run In 9.51 Seconds, Extreme-value Theory Shows

    I wonder what extreme-value theory says about stocks right now.

  • Jeanne McManus – What ‘Idol’ Lost When Paula Abdul Walked –

    This is my pop culture contribution for the day.

  • German exports show unexpected surge – FT

    This looks to be a very good sign.

  • Twitter and Facebook DDoS Attacks Targeted One Man

    Twitter was down all day Thursday from a directed denial of service attack. Speculation now is it was a result of an attack on a specific person and related to the problems between Russia and Georgia.

  • Economist’s View: "Keep Shoveling that Stimulus"

    Stiglitz says more stimulus is needed. Thoma says that is not politically feasible. I agree

  • Living Around – Astor Row, Central Harlem – A Front-Porch Block, Once and Again –

    Beautiful houses way uptown on West 130th Street

  • Are There Bright Spots Amid the Global Recession? – Nouriel Roubini

    There are definite bright spots. Hat tip Mark Thoma.

  • Larry Summers, Economic Recovery, And Ben Bernanke – Simon Johnson

    This is the line I found most interesting: "If the administration really wants to put the economy on a path to sustainable bubble-free growth, it looks increasingly likely that it will want to replace Bernanke when his term is up early next year."

  • Monetizing the Debt: Disinformation in the Blogosphere – Yves Smith

    Is the Fed really monetizing debt or is this disinformation?


    Blast from the past – Fannie Mae: here are a few posts from 2008 on Fannie Mae in light of their monstrous Q2 losses.

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