Links from around the web: 2009-07-22

  • S&P upgrades CMBS to AAA week after downgrading to BBB- – Rolfe Winkler


  • Digg Stops Hijacking Your Twitter Links, Not Sorry About It

    Agree 100% with this post. Very untrustworthy.

  • Department store sales slip 11% | The Japan Times Online

    Ugly. ugly. ugly.

  • Three Myths about the Consumer Financial Product Agency – Elizabeth Warren

    Must read piece.

  • Bernanke Op-ed in WSJ: The Fed’s Exit Strategy

    It’s here and everyone’s talking about it

  • Big Banks to American Public: “Screw You” – Marshall Auerback

    Contrast GM’s former role in society with Goldman’s

  • Goldman Sachs Internal Memo: The New Yorker

    Goldman’s parody of its bonus and earnings scandal

  • Investing in blogs – FT Lex

    Blogs are going mainstream.

  • China to deploy forex reserves – FT

    Will support overseas expansion

  • Ireland’s bizarre war on blasphemy | spiked

    Police can use reasonable force to enter premises of blasphemers

  • The Sector Financial Balances Model of Aggregate Demand – Scott Fullwiler

    Ultra-wonky, but a good way of looking at the would in a time of flexible exchange rates without the gold standard.

    Distraction of the Day: The world’s oldest man dies at 113

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