Ratigan, Spitzer and Huffington think Obama is captured

Here is more from Dylan Ratigan’s new show on MSNBC.  Arianna Huffington and Eliot Spitzer were guests.  They all have noticed that Barack Obama has spent an inordinate amount of political capital and money on the financial services sector without showing any stomach for serious all-encompassing reform.  Why is still unclear, but Huffington suspects capture via Geithner and Summers.

The video is below.  The more I hear the newly semi-rehabilitated Eliot Spitzer, the more impressive I find him.

  1. Lilguy says

    President Obama’s objective is not to solve our economic crisis, or healthcare crisis, or climate warming crisis, or…..you get the drift. His objective is to have his name attached to a series of legislation that suggests he “solved” these problems (or even made significant progress) when, in fact, they have nor will accomplish nothing. His strategy is to use all this legislation to show that he gets things done (which he hasn’t) on our most critical issues by playing well with others so HE CAN GET RE-ELECTED. The fact of the matter is that he is letting us all down on massively important issues at a particularly critical time in our history.

    This is NOT change you can believe in. In fact, there is next to no change at all in substance or style.

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