New Finance Blog: New Deal 2.0

This is a new, progressive economic policy blog from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute that launched on April 29th.

The effort is lead by Robert Johnson, former Chief Economist of the US Senate Banking Committee. With contributors like Joseph Stiglitz, New Deal 2.0 is a “one-stop shop” for new insights, analyses and proposals on the country’s economic crisis.

Features will include:

  • Braintrusters: Profiles and Q&As with the leading voices in economic and progressive policy, including Joseph Stiglitz, Jeff Madrick, Stanley Greenberg, Hendrik Hertzberg, Elaine Kamarck, Reverend Jim Wallis, Samuel Issacharoff, Anna Burger, Sean Wilentz, and Marcia Dyson.
  • The Decoder: Experts explain thorny policies, complicated issues and complex arguments.
  • On Markets and Morals: Reverend Jim Wallis and other leading voices offer ideas on the moral vision that should guide our policy making.

The official site,, is now live.

In addition, The Roosevelt Institute kicked off the launch of New Deal 2.0 on April 29 in New York with a breakfast panel featuring Nobel Laureates Joseph Stiglitz & Robert Solow, as well as Robert Johnson. Panelists evaluated the economic policy of Obama’s first 100 days and recommend course corrections as the administration moves forward. Their discussion was live-streamed (and live-blogged) on New Deal 2.0. Following the panel, Stiglitz and Johnson gave a media-only, on-the-record briefing with time for Q&A.

Below is a clip from the April 29th session.

100 Days and the Road Ahead from Kara Masi on Vimeo.

  1. Lee says

    In your “features will include” section you left out Deal Breakers, the classic expression of a “progressive” enemies list.

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