Should Obama forget about prosecuting waterboarding?

I say no, he needs to get all of this out in the open and behind us.  But the Conservative Wall Street Journal’s Jerry Seib makes a compelling argument that he should, using Jerry Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon as a reason.  Take a look.  And if you’re interested in Watergate, the recent film Frost/Nixon is a brilliant look into aspects of that time in the U.S. political scene.

Obama is shifting his stance on waterboarding as the furore grows about this issue. Take a look. There’s a special appearance by Waterboarder-in-chief Dick Cheney, defending himself. Pretty nauseating, actually.

This last video goes to the internal debate regarding releasing the classified waterboarding memos. Many at the CIA are up in arms about it. Personally, I support the CIA as a very necessary organization, one that works hand-in-hand with the State Department. However, they do not get a free pass.

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